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In the messaging settings, "Auto-retrieve MMS messages" was already off. So, I am puzzled why these messages are even coming in. Another user mentioned that this reading of text message started when they installed an app called Vlingo.

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But, I don't have that app. Thank you in advance for any other ideas, -Joe. You could try running in Safe Mode disabling all the apps you added without uninstalling them and if the problem stops it was caused by an app that you added. You then have to determine the culprit. The page at Thanks for the top about safe mode. In safe mode, it did not read text messages. So, apparently I have an app issue.

But, I only have one app that reads text, which was installed years ago. That is Smart Alarm, which I use daily. Using the default Messaging app on my HD phone tracker family incoming text messages seem to get Surveillance camera with phone app stuck in "downloading". Any Android data recovery program how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone that helps you recover deleted data such as text messages, call spyware help center wiki history, contacts, photos, videos from Android cell phones and.

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You can just update your Apps in Play store. The latest version of Motorola Assist solved the issues already. Google just out a Feb. So, you can update the Google app if you already updated Motorola Assist. Installed the Google update and now my home and driving notifications stopped working again.

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Going to uninstall the Google app update again. Motorola, please fix this!

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Can someone help? I have Motorola g 4g.

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For the home mode, it is very likely due to GPS error. You can always check the current address based on your GPS. If the error is consistent, you may change your home address to this address. This will NOT change your Google settings. I have the same issue whenever I am driving. Drives me nuts.

Only once and a while. I use a Motorola Droid Mini. Next time, you can check whether the phone does not hear you or it cannot understand the command.

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Hi Simon and thanks for having a forum for this issue that appears to be problematic to a lot of us Moto X owners. My question is: does assist work in the car when you are playing radio or cd versus using a streaming music service spotify? I am getting it to read texts to me when I am using streaming music but nothing when cd or radio. Is this normal or as intended? HI Sujit here after i did the above things i am getting the issue. Probably the the location got from GPS and map is not the home address.

Sometimes, in some regions, the error can be large.